Annemarije Glastra Ceramics

for unique handmade ceramics, inspired by my time in architecture, scandinavia and nature.



About Annemarije Glastra:

“I recently found out I love working with clay after following several ceramic courses. Here I learned the basic techniques to build upon further at home using my wheel and kiln. Before 2017 I never had mud on my hands intentionally, but I found out that getting my hands dirty while creating something beautiful from a pile of mud is strangely very comforting. Potting is a wonderful new found skill where I can combine my head, heart and hands. I’m looking forward to develop my skillset further!

I feel totally relaxed while sitting behind the potters wheel. I aim to create useful items that are easy on the eye and fit well in everyday life. I have an architectural background, spent many years living in Norway and am a big nature lover; I expect you’ll see this back in my designs. Because of this love of nature, my kiln and potter’s wheel are powered by 100% Dutch windpower and all my leftover clay gets recycled to make new things, nothing goes to waste.

My items are available through my shop (accessible through the button in the top menu bar) or you can commission me if you have a design in mind.”